Ping and Amy Chao Foundation & Transparent Fish Fund

Chao Foundation and T-Fish Fund's priorities are aligned with Himalayan HealthCare's. We serve women and children in health, education and income. We empower women and help them become leaders and role models, to be financially independent and to chart their own life beyond traditional roles and norms.

 *  Since our partnership we have supported girls and young women to become health providers in their own villages, to continue school and complete college education and vocational training.  *  We have provided critical obstetrical and gynecological intense training to thirty rural women health providers to become the primary care givers for tens of thousands of women in remote and isolated villages. Thus decreasing morbidity and mortality in women and improving teenage care  *  Currently 2500 rural children in northern Dhading are being screened for malnutrition during this Covid pandemic and those less than five years old malnourished children identified will be provided with fortified and therapeutic foods and carefuly monitored to bring them back to good health. 2000 mothers of the 2500 screened children will be trained in diet, hygiene, clean water, sanitation and related issues.   

All net proceeds from the handicraft sales are used to fund primary health care, medical and educational projects, giving to those involved in the production process a sense of pride that comes by helping and sustaining many others, in even greater need than themselves.