2019 trek slideshow

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The narrow track up
Trekking with HHC is a great way to make contact with the rural people of Nepal.

Medical treks are a unique way to see Nepal and meet and help local people. Treks typically take about two weeks and start in Kathmandu, itself an amazing tourist destination. HHC arranges for transportation from Kathmandu into a rural region, where the trekkers begin walking. Midway through the trek, HHC establishes a medical or dental camp for about four days. During the camp, trekkers treat villagers from the surrounding areas with the assistance of HHC staff. Local health staff will be trained by the visiting doctors.

All net proceeds from the handicraft sales are used to fund primary health care, medical and educational projects, giving to those involved in the production process a sense of pride that comes by helping and sustaining many others, in even greater need than themselves.