Successful 25th Anniversary Celebration in NYC 2018

Dr. Ashika Jain, HHC BoD & Vice President addressing the audience

Himalayan Healthcare hosted the 25th Anniversary celebration on Thursday, October 25, 2018. It was a beautiful evening with friends and supporters! 

The celebration was held at Spring Street Natural, located at 98 Kenmare Street in New York City.  Over 75 HHC alumni (volunteers) and their family as well other friends enjoyed an evening that was full of memories and reminiscing. Anil spoke about HHC’s journey of 25 years and thanked everyone for their support and friendship. Towards the end Dr. Ashika Jain, BoD and HHC vice president, held an auction of Nepal projects which were very well received and embraced. HHC thanks everyone present at the event (many of whom flew or drove many hours to get to NYC) and those who sent checks along with regrets.